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Final Version 9 Updates

The files below are ZIPs of specific programs that have been updated since the general update. These are the final updates to these programs. Version 9 and previous versions are no longer maintained and are offered strictly "as-is".

  1. Make a backup of the original programs in \MPO\PROGRAMS

  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to \MPO\PROGRAMS

MPO Connections ( 2009 July 21

MPO Canopus ( 2009 October 21

If you upgrade one MPO program to version 10, then you must upgrade all other MPO programs as well.
Because of fundamental changes to core data files, it is not possible to have earlier versions and V10 reside in the same directory tree.

If you have questions, please send an email.

Upgrading to Version 10 from Previous Versions

Due to significant changes with the implementation of a new database engine, simple updates from previous versions are not available for version 10. A full installation, with some conversion of old files, is required.

If you have questions, please send an email.
Free Updates for Version 10 Owners

From time to time, updates are offered at no charge to uses of the current version. These are available at the links below.

"Free" means that there is no update fee from BDW Publishing. Any costs associated with downloading the update files (e.g., Internet connection chargs) are the responsibility of the customer.

Click on the appropriate link and save the file (a ZIP file) to your hard drive.

  1. Unzip the Windows Setup file (an EXE) to a temporary location.

  2. Run the Windows Setup file

  3. Delete the ZIP file after you've checked that the installation worked properly

The Help and manuals are not always updated with each release; the updates do not include the UCAC4, CMC-15, or latest APASS catalogs (DR9).
These catalogs are available for free download.

Contact Bdw Publishing for details 

MPO Canopus/PhotoRed
(v10.8.6.12, 2022 May 11)

Download ZIP

This update includes four files that will be required when exporting v10 data for import into v12: AAVSO_HEADER.FF2, AAVSO_HEADERCOMPS,  AAVSO_OBS.FF2 and AAVSO_OBSCOMPS.FF2. Do not delete these files.
Added Stack (Median) and Stack (Median, Multi) to the image processing operations in the Batch Image Processor Utility.
Fixed bug where only one comp star was used in the AAVSO batch processor. This led to an error for 0.000 for the check and variable. 

N.B. Using at least 2, preferably 3 or more, comp stars is strongly recommended. If using only one comp star then, if the check star appears to be variable, it may not be the check but the single comp star is variable. It's not possible to confirm which is wheich without plotting the raw magnitudes of the check and comp. Just because someone said the one comp star is not variable doesn't necessarily make it so.
Fixed bug where the HeaderInfo form
was blank. Also changed the font and made the window sizeable.
Fixed bug in MPCOrb conversion that affected objects with very long periods.

Includes latest ALCDEFSubmit
Fixed display problems with the comp selector and meand/sd image displays.
There are numerous small, but undocumented, additions.

For example, on the measuring page (where you see the image) and the chart page, there is an extra entry bar at the bottom.

  • On the image page, after doing an automatch, you can enter and RA/Dec and, if on the image, the program will show the location of that position on the image.
  • On the charts page, after generating a chart, you can enter the RA/Dec and the program will show the location on the chart.
The Y-axis title on the lightcurve plots now includes the value of G used to normalize observations (or at least the G used on the first session). A new title might look like

     Magnitude (SR)  (a: 13.4°  G: 0.15)  

In this case, "a" is the solar phase angle. The word "alpha" is no longer used.

ALCDEFSubmit (v2.2.7.3, 2021 July 2)

ALCDEFSubmit is a stand-alone program to generate files for submission to the ALCDEF web site using the new v2.2 standard. 
You must have MPO Canopus v10.4.x (v10.7.x is strongly suggested) installed.
EPOCH depricated in ALCDEF standard, replace by EQUINOQ. The update writes EQUINOX to files to be uploaded. ALCDEF site supports both keywords to provide legacy support.
Fixed bug in MPCOrb conversion that affected objects with very long periods.

  • 2021 June update: fixed problem where negative declinations were on the order of 400 degress (integer/Cardinal conversion for you geeks).
  • Changed header on right-hand list of constant keywords on the form that displays them.
  • fixed issue were Sloan filter/mag bands stored as g,r,i, or z in a Canopus session were not converted to ALCDEF format (SG, SR, SI, SZ).
  • Fixed bug in observer validation
  • Added Obs label to show number of entries in observer list
  • Prevented empty observer name from being added to observers list.
  • OBJECTRA/OBJECTDEC now written with expanded format (see ALCDEF standard v2.2.7)
  • "Constant keywords" are used to help manage the ALCDEF database, in particular, its size.

ALCDEFVerify (2019 March 24)

ALCDEFVerify is now a web-based tool only. It can be accessed on the ALCDEF home page.

The tool is intended for those not using MPO Canopus but are writing their own scripts or programs
to generate ALCDEF-compatible files from their data. It validates those files against the current ALCDEF

MPO Connections (v11.0.4.0, 2021 June 30)

Download ZIP (SkyXScripter only. MPO Connections reached end-of-life).
Fixed bug in MPCOrb conversion that affected objects with very long periods.

  • Several fixes to remove memory leaks and conflicts when imaging with an
    SBIG camera and guiding with an external SBIG camera.

MPO LCInvert (v11.8.4.1, 2021 June 30)

Download ZIP
Fixed bug in MPCOrb conversion that affected objects with very long periods.

  • Changes to the PAB distribution plot titles.
  • The a/b, a/c, and b/c axis ratios in the Model View caption bar were wrong.
  • The correct values are displayed in the caption bar for both the Model and 4-Vane views.
    Both views have a new button to display and save the model statistics.
  • The statistics include:
    The effective diameter determined by surface area or volume
    The surface area
    The volume
    The a/b, a/c, and b/c ratios (assuming a dynamically equivalent ellipsoid)
The documentation (help file) has not been updated. Read the instructions in the Inversion Wizard carefully as you step through the process.

All polices and prices are subject to change without notice