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MPO LCInvert - Electronic Download

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Price: $50.00
Item Number: MPOLCI-NEW
  • MPO LCInvert implements the core algorithms and code developed by Mikko Kaasalainen that determine the shape and spin axis of an asteroid based on a set of lightcurves obtained over several apparitions.

  • MPO LCInvert not only finds the data for a 3-D model but renders it using OpenGL libraries so that you can animate and "orbit" the model as well.

  • The source code for the core libraries (but not for MPO LCInvert) are included at no additional charge. This allows you to generate your own 3-D modeling program if you want.

  • MPO LCInvert implements special importing routines that allow you to easily use data from MPO Canopus, the UAPC/SAPC databases, and generic JD/magnitude pair files.


Please Note
MPO LCInvert is for advanced researchers who can pretty much work on their own after installing the software.

Technical support will be limited to initial installation and basic start up. It is up to the user to do the necessary reading and so become familiar with the modeling process.

The LCInvert manual does include a primer on modeling as well as six tutorials that guide you through the basics of both the program and modeling lightcurves.

The electronic download consists of a "starter" DVD±R dual-layer ISO image (1)(2) and includes the MPOSC3 and APASS (DR-9, MPO format), and CMC-15 (MPO format). The program also supports UCAC4 (native format) which is available as 2 DVD±R dual-layer ISO images for free download(1)(2). Download instructions will be provided via email after receiving your order.

(1) The ISO images must be burned to the approriate type of DVD disc before using. Software can also be used to "mount" the ISO images a drive on your computer. There are many programs available, one being Daemon Tools Lite, which is free (with advertising) or $5.99 for a no-advertising licence for 3 PCs. Windows 10 may not require the additional software and will see the ISO images a drive automatically. This must be confirmed before you decide whether or not to purchase image mounting software.

(2) Connection and data rates may apply.

Please Note
The starter DVD is used to install all MPO programs. You will be provided with the necessary release code(s) to install only those products that you purchase.